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When i was at the counter paying for a purchase at Payless Furniture, I was having a friendly conversation with an associate about K-State and KU. Bob suddenly chimed in, very loudly, saying that he doesn't like Lawrence or KU because Lawrence "has the highest percentage of *** people in the state". He went on a rant about how KU and Lawrence are trying to attract *** people and how disgusting... Read more

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This store does seem to offer decent budget furniture at budget prices, but I will absolutely never shop there again. For me it all comes down to how unbelievably rude "Bob" the owner was to my wife and I. I'm in business myself and understand that customer service can be difficult (sometimes the customer isn't always right) but Bob's attitude was so far beyond the pale that he's hard to take... Read more

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My husband and I went to Payless furniture January 7th 2013 and picked a mattress set and paid the extra $20 fee to have the set delivered to our home. At time of check out we paid cash and set up a delivery appointment for between 5-6pm. The first sign that we should have taken our money and our business elsewhere was when the associate tried to give incorrect change and nearly refused to check... Read more

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